Welcome to sneeze-screens!

We are part of the Pivotal Retail Marketing team, we specialise in retail point of sale and point of purchase. We design, develop, manufacture and install.

We have come together by manufacturing and delivering safety solutions to all throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and for future use.

We understand that the demand is high for ensuring that both workers and/or customers are safe when leaving home, whether that is visiting a shop, returning to the office and getting back into their return to work strategy - we are here to help.

Offering a range of products such as Sneeze Screens, Hand Sanitising Stations, Hand Sanitiser replenishments, Social Distancing floor stickers, Face shields and Bespoke Office Desk Screens - we feel these are vital products that should be now installed, following recent Government Guidelines.

Our hard working and dedicated team are here to help. We are all in this together.

To view our products - visit the grey tab bar above the rolling images and click on the items you require.